Your Host and Stratford.

We, too, are travellers. Having stayed in way too many hotels, hostels, motels, Airbnbs and fincas over our lives, we have come to appreciate what makes a stay really special. We believe such stays are the ones that make us reenergized and thrilled to take on the world once again. Though we do rely on Edison’s for our livelihood, it is also our passion. We are only satisfied, when you are. 

Bruce Whitaker, EDISON’S Inn, phone 416.737.3339

Growing up on a cattle ranch in the foothills of the Rockies, the world seemed so large and far away. The daily chores of ranch life made it enticing to get away. Ghana and Norway provided my first opportunities to live and work abroad in my twenties. A taste of working as a black tie waiter in a Norwegian resort got me hooked on the experience. After a bit of a diversion working in international banking, corporate consulting and technology, the simplicity of living in a small community came calling again. 

A recent trip to India with my partner and three sons (aged 7, 10 and 17) inspired me to buy the Edison building and turn it into a special place for travellers. A hotel in New Delhi offered a safe haven from the chaos of the streets. It was simple yet strong in many of the elements that we were looking for – clean bathroom, uncluttered room, peace and tasty food.  

Since the purchase, we have travelled as a family to the most wonderful countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

Whether you are looking to create new stories or are craving a break, I am pleased to host you at Edison’s Inn.  


david charlesworth, edison's resident photographer

Most of the pictures on the Edison site and in-house are taken from the lens of David. He has an incredible feel for the perfect picture capturing the emotion of the moment. Few know Stratford and area as well as he does. Better yet, he is a keen listener always striving to deliver what his clients want

As part of the Edison's experience, we are offering 24 hour portraits whereby David will follow you throughout the day and chronicle your time in Stratford. You will be left with an album to treasure for your life.   


the city of STRATFORD

Have you ever had those magical times on a vacation where you stumble upon a delicious restaurant that awakens your taste buds or a magical street with so much history or a dance club that vibrates with the best music? When you check in at EDISON'S, we don't give you a binder of information, rather we give you the insider's map of our favourite places and things to do so that you don't have to make any mistakes.


Stratford Blues and Ribfest - June

Summer Music - July 27th-August 27th

Garlic Festival - September 9th and 10th

Stratford Festival Theatre Forum - March-October




Diner - Joe's Diner for feeling like a million bucks.

Pizza - Pazzo's Friday Nights for 1/2 price pizza.

The ''In' Place - the Red Rabbit.

Local Lunch/Dinner - Montforte.

Sandwiches - Edison's, Sirkel.

Sports Bar - Bentley's.

Casual Dinner - Mercer's.

Formal Dinner - Taverna, Keystone.

Sushi - the General Store

Cafe - Edison's.

Chocolate - Chocolate Barr's.

Cheese - Milky Whey.

Groceries - Sobey's (by car), the Little Green Grocer.

Liquor - LCBO, Black Swann (beer).



Music - Boar's Head for connecting with the community and Molly Bloom's and the Revival House.

Town - Bayfield and lunch at the Black Dog.

Quiet Beach - Point Roberts.

Busy Beach Town - Grand Bend.

Bowling - Mike's Bowling Lanes.

Movies - Shipka Drive-in Theatre.

Beer Tasting - Black Swan.



Stroll - Stratford Cemetary, around Avon River.

Hike - Hullett Marsh, Wildwood Conservation Area, TJ Dolan.

Weights and Cardio - YMCA.

Pedicure/Manicure - La Debonaire.

Yoga - Moksha.

Swimming at Lion's Pool

Walking the St Mary's Rail Bridge



Cool finds - the Green Room.

Women's - Grace Boutique, Nicole.

Cooking - Bradshaw's, Watson's.

Toys - Family and Co. 

Women's - Dana Nicole, Reonance




Our Promise

You will encounter a light, clean space with good food and a positive vibe. our hope is that you will leave edison's inspired and happier than when you arrived.



If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.
— Thomas Edison

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