We surveyed travellers to see what they LOVED and HATED about hotel stays and tried to factor the LOVES into our offerings. 

When is check in? 

Travellers LOVE not having to wait! At Edison’s get settled one hour earlier - 3 p.m.

When is check out?

Travellers LOVE not being rushed on the last day. Sleep one hour later at Edison’s - 12 p.m.

Are rooms cleaned daily?

Travellers HATE being woken by maid service. Rooms are only cleaned when your stay is over unless you have a special request. Extra sheets are in the rooms.

Are the snacks free?

Travellers HATE having to pay for snacks. We have included a few snacks free of charge. Should you want more there is a mini fridge with a rate card.

Is there TV?

Travellers LOVE free movies and music. In each room is a smart TV with access to the internet + we subscribe to Netflix for movies and Slacker Radio for music. 

What are the room rates?

Travellers LOVE affordable rates for hotel rooms. 

Our rates are among the lowest in Stratford.

Small: $169

Medium: $199

Large: $249


What are the cancellation terms?

Travellers HATE rigid cancellation terms. Edison’s refunds 100% of the amount paid if notice is made within 30 days of reservation.


Are pets allowed in rooms?

Travellers have mixed emotions when it comes to pets. Some LOVE them and some hate them. Though Edison’s loves pets, we want to ensure no guest is impacted negatively by pet hair. As a result, we do not allow pets.


Why are there no phones in rooms?

Travellers LOVE their own smartphones. 


When is the café bar open?

Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m-5 p.m.


Where can I get the menu?

Here it is:


Is there room service?

We are a small operation so unfortunately not.


Who do we contact for help?