Surprisingly 95% of our guests come to Edison’s without a reservation. Much better to get a reservation as restaurants are typically booked prior to theatre. The trick is picking a spot from the many options.

A good place to start is at Edison’s Cafe Bar operated by Buffy. Edison’s serves the best coffee in town and Buffy offers a pleasing variety of mouth watering food perfectly balancing taste with healthy choices. Don’t plan on opening up your laptop as Edison’s is focused in bringing friends and family together for sharing. The cafe has a warmth and taste commonly found in small European cafes. Yummy breakfasts and lunches are served daily Tuesday to Sunday.

For dinner, there are lots of great restaurants in Stratford. Rather than try to get a sense of your tastes, we have taken the time to do videos of our favourites, focusing on the restaurant's story, ambience and food. You then can make an informed choice on where you’d like to eat. All of the restaurants are within a ten minute walk from Edison’s Inn. If you have feedback for a restaurant, please let us know.

Interior bar of Edison's Cafe